Corporate Cummerbunds Bone Joint

The cummerbund

As well as our beautiful bespoke neckwear we also supply bespoke cummerbunds. The cummerbund really isn't the most popular formal tuxedo accessory these days but it has a fascinating history. It's popularity tends to wax and wane like the moon, in today's fashion climate. So why is it steadfast for proper Black Tie ensembles and why does its popularity change? Lets have a look at the cummerbunds history, function and why they are important for Black Tie formal looks. The History The cummerbund fashion originated in Persia and was adopted as dining wear for British military personnel in colonial India.  Indian communities often wore sashes around their waist called kamarbands, kamar translating as ‘waist’. At formal dinners, the British army wore waistcoats under their jackets. But due to the intense heat in India being severely different to the climate in Britain, the British realised their attire was not suitable in this climate and needed to find a cooler dining uniform.…
FFP2 Face mask information

Pricing and Consumerism

Dear all, Today we received a message from a gentleman showing his concerns about the price of the FFP2 Face Masks we supply on our website. As Company Director, I would like to delve into this discussion to assure you our pricing is fair and considered. As a community are all finding ourselves reflecting what are possibilities of the future ahead of us.  Where are we going? What can we do? Today as a nation, we are keeping within the rules that came to support our lifestyle since second world war. The world we know is from the freedom we (our parents and grandparents) fought for and the start of high consumerism. People have come to forget the value of everything they have and own. Many still want to see the prices at what they feel they should pay for, and not what it has taken to be made. Here is the process of how our ties are made: The cloth is woven by highly advanced machinery which have maintenance and production personnel costs; The yarns for the cloth are produced…

Christmas gifts from the heart

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, question is, have you managed to get all the presents under the tree? This Christmas is the perfect time of the year to show how much you care. Whether you give a little or a lot we, at The Winsor Tie Co have carefully curated the perfect gift list, so you won’t be stuck. With style and careful consideration, we have picked the best gifts your nearest and dearest will love; helping you to support small businesses and local makers without compromising on quality. For Her She deserves to be spoiled this winter, take a look at our collection of collated gifts that will definitely give the wow factor this Christmas. Personalised mobile case - £5.99+ Professionally made and printed in the UK you can guarantee this case won’t fade like sublimation cases. Stylish and made from high quality lightweight Polycabonate. Your case is made to order, and delivery is fast.     Personalised Water Flask - £29.75 This…
how to tie a nicky knot

How to tie…A Nicky Knot

The name allegedly came from Nikita Khruschev’s (A Soviet statesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War) visit to Milan, where quick ­tying “inside out” knots were frequently used in displays and tailors’ windows. This knot uses a moderately small amount of length. This makes it a great option for tall men or men with ties that are a touch on the short side. It's slightly thicker than thefour­in­hand knot. And it has a symmetrical appearance. Dimensionally, the Nicky knot is between the four­in­hand and the half Windsor knot. It can be particularly useful for men wearing skinny knit ties, whereas other knots can look disproportionally small. The Nicky Knot's smaller structure can be hidden under a thin band of cloth, while still providing a nice hefty knot in a knit tie. This is perfect for those who like to wear a thin jumper over their shirts.
Pratt Knot Necktie

How to tie… a Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot is known as the Shelby Knot and the Pratt-Shelby. It was invented by Jerry Pratt in the late 1950s and popularized as the Shelby Knot; after Pratt taught it to a television reporter, Don Shelby, who felt his tie was unkempt and poorly tied.  The Knot is a variation to the Nicky Knot as it is notably tied inside out. This knot was considered revelatory in its time. However, the knot was only recorded in the late eighties in the tie industry’s standard reference guide, despite its popularization since the ’50s.  The Pratt Knot is unusual as it’s starting position is reverse side out. The Knot uses less material than the Half-Windsor and Windsor knot, so it is well suited to a shorter tie or the wearer being a tall individual. The Pratt method produces a symmetrical knot and is of medium size, somewhere between the Four in Hand and the Windsor. It is the perfect knot to wear for business casual or social events. Pair this knot with a Narrow point collar or…
The Windsor Knot

How to tie… a Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is often thought to be named after King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor). However it is a popular belief that it was in fact created by his father, George V. The Duke was known to have his ties specially made with thicker cloth, in order to produce a wider knot when tied with the conventional four-in-hand. Step forward the Windsor Knot which was invented to rival the Duke's wide knot method but with thinner material. The Windsor knot is well suited to a spread or cutaway collar that can accommodate the large knot. In order to wear this knot correctly, the Windsor Knot should be around 4cm longer than a conventional tie. This method of tie knot is the only one to be used by all members of the Royal Air Force and Royal Air Force Cadets. The knot is known to be comfortable and secure to wear which will hold the tie firmly in place. We would recommend that a strong face, so those who have a beard or strong jawline will best compliment this style. Howcast shows us on this…
How to Tie a Tie

Fathers Day Gift ideas to suit any Dad

FIND SOMETHING TO SUIT YOUR DAD THIS FATHERS DAY It’s nearly time to celebrate with the special dad in your life this Father’s Day. In case you have forgotten, Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 16th June. It’s the day you make sure to celebrate the main men in your life for all the things they do, which often goes unnoticed. Have you brought your dad the perfect Fathers day gift yet? Shopping for a dad is no easy feat but we have taken the stress out of the madness and created this easy gift list that offers a dad some classic, refined and practical suit accessories he will treasure. 1. CUFFLINKS Buying men’s jewellery can be a hit or miss situation. Male jewellery conjures images of chunky chains and yellow bracelets, that they may never wear. Step forward the humble cufflink, functional and available in a range of styles. We have picked some of our favourites, but you are bound to find something that perfectly matches the special dad's style. Have a browse of our…
Winsor Ties CornwallWinsor Ties Cornwall

The Winsor Tie Co. launches new website

The Winsor Tie. Co have a spring in their step with a fresh new website launch   Katy K S Emblin of The Winsor Tie Company has announced the launch of Winsor Tie’s new website. Having been in development for the past six months, the arrival of the new site highlights the company's core values, Exclusivity, Integrity, Tradition & Heritage.  With a new sophisticated user experience, the new site allows the user to navigate their journey through an array of product styles. This is important, in order for the user to discover the ‘perfect tie’ for their company, club or society. The user can now, as a result, discover detailed information about processes, materials and aftercare, quickly and efficiently. Departing from the format of endless menus, the new site ensures the user's journey is smooth. With clear navigation, the information sought by users is easily assessable. Now the users can view galleries of previous work undertaken by the company and be rest assured…
Ensuring you choose the right tie every time

Getting Tied up

Ensuring you choose the right tie every time Width and Length There is no one size suits all for clothing and the same extends to your neck wear. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and so, it is essential you know what neckwear will suit you. The correct neck wear should complement your suit and be in proportion to the rest of your outfit. Firstly, your suit should suit your body type. You can find out more about this on the following link here Once you have found the perfect suit, it’s time to move onto your neckwear! The first rule is that your necktie should keep your outfit in proportion, as different necktie widths suit different body shapes. Match the width of your tie to the width of your lapels (the part on each side of a coat or jacket, immediately below the collar, which is folded back on either side of the front opening). Keep a slim tie width for slim lapels and wide tie width for wide lapels. If you have a broad frame, wear a wider necktie to balance your…
How to use Necktie Colours to mean Business

How to use Necktie Colours to mean Business

Your guide to necktie colour combinations to stay ahead of the competition Whether you are buying your first necktie or upping your game within the workplace. Complementary colours mean a lot, in order, to be taken seriously amongst your peers. Having a good selection of neckties will ensure you have the perfect balance in your wardrobe for every occasion from celebrations to everyday. Why concentrate on the necktie? The necktie is the ultimate accessory that brings a suit together. It is the centrepiece and draws more attention than the shirt. Colour Red - Strength, Passion, Power and Luck A Red necktie will combine with nearly every shirt and suit. The most elegant combination would be to match with a dark suit with a white, blue or grey shirt. Dark red/burgundy neckties are classic wardrobe staple and great to wear to almost any event. Blue -Trust, Calm, Responsibility and Honesty Blue is a popular and standard colour for neckties. Well suited to lighten up a darker suit. Match…
Ties - How to survive the British heatwave without compromising on style

Getting Hot Under the Collar

How to survive the British heatwave without compromising on style Men's attire is woefully under prepared for the British heatwave, as our climate changes from dull to glorious. We imagine ourselves somewhere on a beach abroad, instead we are in an office or representing our company with strict workplace guidelines. To help get through these hot day, here are some ideas to keep the unsightly sweat patches at bay. Opt for natural fabrics such as Cotton or Linen to stay fresh. The natural properties of cotton allows breath-ability between the fabric and your skin. Ensure you choose a loose weave with a finer thread. Linen, although very lightweight and breathable can be prone to creases so contemplate your working day before opting for this fabric! Light colours. Choosing lighter coloured clothing will reflect sunlight helping to stay cooler longer. Wear a looser fit. Ditch the skinny cut and opt for a size up in your normal attire. This will allow the material to move more…