Ties - How to survive the British heatwave without compromising on style

How to survive the British heatwave without compromising on style

Men’s attire is woefully under prepared for the British heatwave, as our climate changes from dull to glorious. We imagine ourselves somewhere on a beach abroad, instead we are in an office or representing our company with strict workplace guidelines.

To help get through these hot day, here are some ideas to keep the unsightly sweat patches at bay.

  • Opt for natural fabrics such as Cotton or Linen to stay fresh. The natural properties of cotton allows breath-ability between the fabric and your skin. Ensure you choose a loose weave with a finer thread. Linen, although very lightweight and breathable can be prone to creases so contemplate your working day before opting for this fabric!
  • Light colours. Choosing lighter coloured clothing will reflect sunlight helping to stay cooler longer.
  • Wear a looser fit. Ditch the skinny cut and opt for a size up in your normal attire. This will allow the material to move more freely over your body, keeping you cool.
  • Wear suits with minimal lining and structure. Think cotton, linen or high twist wool yarn to really ensure you are looking sharp.
  • Cooling underwear. Think quick dry polyester or a nylon, spandex weave to keep you cool and dry.
  • Some companies will allow you to unfasten your necktie, however if this isn’t the case for you. Invest in Silk neckwear to stay smart during office hours.

Need some advice on the best neckwear for your company during the summer months? We are here to support you, please contact us at sales@winsorties.com