Ensuring you choose the right tie every time

Ensuring you choose the right tie every time

Width and Length

There is no one size suits all for clothing and the same extends to your neck wear. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and so, it is essential you know what neckwear will suit you. The correct neck wear should complement your suit and be in proportion to the rest of your outfit.

Firstly, your suit should suit your body type. You can find out more about this on the following link here Once you have found the perfect suit, it’s time to move onto your neckwear!

The first rule is that your necktie should keep your outfit in proportion, as different necktie widths suit different body shapes.

Match the width of your tie to the width of your lapelsMatch the width of your tie to the width of your lapels (the part on each side of a coat or jacket, immediately below the collar, which is folded back on either side of the front opening). Keep a slim tie width for slim lapels and wide tie width for wide lapels.

If you have a broad frame, wear a wider necktie to balance your shoulders. If you have a narrower frame, slim neckties complement your smaller body type, but don’t forget about your shirt. Your shirt collar will need to in proportion too.

The length of your necktie should always hit the top of your trousers, so let that be your guide. Any shorter than this and your outfit will risk looking cheap. Any longer and the necktie will get in your way.


Colour plays a vital part of any outfit and the general rule of thumb should always be for the necktie to be at least one shade darker than the shirt it’s paired with.

Neckties are the point of focus on your suit, immediately noticeable and so can be a major item to consider for first impressions (no pressure!)

To build a rotation of necktie throughout the week, stick to a classic white to allow your necktie to take main centre stage.

For more information on how to pair your necktie and shirt, read our guide to colour How to use necktie colours to mean business

Patterns and Prints

Tailoring has become a more relaxed affair than it was. This doesn’t mean a disregard to fashion rules that have worked for years, but there are more opportunities to experiment with your outfit,
especially with neckties.

There are many patterns, prints and textures to consider. For ease of simplicity we will discuss the most flexible combinations to experiment with first.

  • Two tone patterns are the easiest to work with such as polka dots and stripes. These are more muted and therefore easier to co-ordinate with your shirt and suit. This is a good way to introduce more than one colour to your outfit, as there are at least two shades to work with.
  • You can start combining these patterns subtly by opting for a tonal look; for example, a navy suit worn with a pale blue shirt and dark blue polka dot necktie.
  • Once you are feeling more confident, get bold with striped neckties and work with more than two shades of colour. Using your shirt as a blank canvas in a muted colour, work your necktie with a dark base and pop of colour to match with the colours on your suit.

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