how to tie a nicky knot

The name allegedly came from Nikita Khruschev’s (A Soviet statesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War) visit to Milan, where quick ­tying “inside out” knots were frequently used in displays and tailors’ windows.

This knot uses a moderately small amount of length. This makes it a great option for tall men or men with ties that are a touch on the short side. It’s slightly thicker than thefour­in­hand knot. And it has a symmetrical appearance. Dimensionally, the Nicky knot is between the four­in­hand and the half Windsor knot. It can be particularly useful for men wearing skinny knit ties, whereas other knots can look disproportionally small. The Nicky Knot’s smaller structure can be hidden under a thin band of cloth, while still providing a nice hefty knot in a knit tie. This is perfect for those who like to wear a thin jumper over their shirts.