The Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is often thought to be named after King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor). However it is a popular belief that it was in fact created by his father, George V. The Duke was known to have his ties specially made with thicker cloth, in order to produce a wider knot when tied with the conventional four-in-hand. Step forward the Windsor Knot which was invented to rival the Duke’s wide knot method but with thinner material.

The Windsor knot is well suited to a spread or cutaway collar that can accommodate the large knot. In order to wear this knot correctly, the Windsor Knot should be around 4cm longer than a conventional tie. This method of tie knot is the only one to be used by all members of the Royal Air Force and Royal Air Force Cadets.

The knot is known to be comfortable and secure to wear which will hold the tie firmly in place. We would recommend that a strong face, so those who have a beard or strong jawline will best compliment this style.

Howcast shows us on this following video the method of how to tie the Windsor Knot

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