How to use Necktie Colours to mean Business

Your guide to necktie colour combinations to stay ahead of the competition

Whether you are buying your first necktie or upping your game within the workplace. Complementary colours mean a lot, in order, to be taken seriously amongst your peers. Having a good selection of neckties will ensure you have the perfect balance in your wardrobe for every occasion from celebrations to everyday.

Why concentrate on the necktie?

The necktie is the ultimate accessory that brings a suit together. It is the centrepiece and draws more attention than the shirt.


Red – Strength, Passion, Power and Luck
A Red necktie will combine with nearly every shirt and suit. The most elegant combination would be to match with a dark suit with a white, blue or grey shirt. Dark red/burgundy neckties are classic wardrobe staple and great to wear to almost any event.

Blue -Trust, Calm, Responsibility and Honesty
Blue is a popular and standard colour for neckties. Well suited to lighten up a darker suit. Match a Dark blue necktie with a light blue shirt or try contrasting colours such a pale pink shirt and navy necktie.

Orange – Encouragement, Warmth, Enthusiasm and Happiness
Orange neckwear works well with lighters coloured shirts. The colour orange brings a bright summer feel to a suit. If you are looking at wearing an orange necktie for a more formal occasion, keep the necktie more muted and pale. A Rusty orange looks fantastic with grey and brings a more modern look.

Pink – Sensitivity, Compassion, Energy and Motivation
Stick to wearing pink in spring and summer seasons. Grey and charcoal coloured suits pair well with this necktie along with tan, navy and beige. Keep the suit fabric light in weight and patterns subtle and muted.

Purple – Imagination, Creativity, Wisdom and Wealth
A Purple necktie can pair well with other colours of a similar scheme. Try pairing a light pink shirt with a solid purple necktie for a co-ordinated and elegant look without looking too bold. Brighter purples are great for celebrations and pair well with a crisp white shirt and grey suit.

Green – Harmony, Stability, Reliability and Balance
Green surprisingly can be far too loud in the workplace depending on the hue. Stick with more neutral greens in a business environment with a neutral coloured shirt and a grey suit.

Yellow – Positivity, Happiness, Energy and Success
Yellow is a traditional necktie colour in Britain and can be teamed well with a crisp white shirt and solid navy suit. The colour yellow is a positive colour and works well at celebrations however be careful! In India, a yellow tie signifies commerce in their culture.

Brown – Honesty, Stability, Confidence and Sincerity
Brown neckties are less versatile and so are less common to see. Pale pink and cream will go well with this necktie with a dark brown suit. Light blue and light grey would also team well with a chocolate brown necktie

Black – Power, Authority, Elegance and Control
A Black necktie is more commonly used for an evening event, formal occasions or funerals. Crisp white shirts look best with a black necktie but grey and black shirts also look complementary. Wearing a Black necktie, shirt and suit can look very modern and bold, however it is best to use this colour for formal and evening events.

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