FFP2 Face mask information

Dear all,

Today we received a message from a gentleman showing his concerns about the price of the FFP2 Face Masks we supply on our website. As Company Director, I would like to delve into this discussion to assure you our pricing is fair and considered.

As a community are all finding ourselves reflecting what are possibilities of the future ahead of us. 
Where are we going? What can we do?

Today as a nation, we are keeping within the rules that came to support our lifestyle since second world war. The world we know is from the freedom we (our parents and grandparents) fought for and the start of high consumerism. People have come to forget the value of everything they have and own. Many still want to see the prices at what they feel they should pay for, and not what it has taken to be made.

Here is the process of how our ties are made:

The cloth is woven by highly advanced machinery which have maintenance and production personnel costs;
The yarns for the cloth are produced by another industry via Silk farming (for silk) or by the petrochemical industry (polyester manufacturers).
The cloth is then processed; the cut is made ready by hand and then passed to another team of people to make the ties with interlining and is then hand finished.

Our question to you is this,

What price would you place on the person time and skills to make the tie?

The discussion about price is in-depth. As consumers, we all know we get what we pay for.

About our FFP2 Face Masks…

Today Winsor Ties received a message from a gentleman showing his concerns about the price of the FFP2 Face Masks we are offering. As a company, its only right to explain the process of the production and delivery which have an impact.

The production of the FFP2 face mask is very similar to making the ties, but currently in this instance the factories have been put under enormous pressure to become a totally environmentally sterile place of work, limit their staff, increased costs from raw material & global delivery service (as they have lost the use of passenger airlines logistic space) and the packaging industry running out of stock materials.

The FPP2 face mask products that you receive in your hand costing £5 to £10 have arrived during an unprecedented circumstance with a huge global effort. Making sure that they are fit for purpose. To achieve this level of quality, factories must adhere to strict rules & regulations, which have to be checked and monitored.

So, what is the price one should pay for items which can save someone life?

At what point should the idea of people wanting everything to be cheaper stop?

History tells us, manufacturing industries have been pushed to move production of factories to other countries, mainly because the UK consumerism demanded lower costs.
Now we have no mills left and ones which are working may need to stop. I am sure you can all think of many industries affected in your own personal circumstances.

The main reason is because the public refuse to pay the artist for her or his time producing a work of art, the car mechanic for his time when working overtime, the builder who can’t take time off work to rest his damaged back, the nurses who work over time in unexplainable circumstances. The list goes go on and on.

If people want to have the best of everything, that includes me and my family. We need to realise and recognise the cost of everything we have and the environmental impact. ‘We’ need to change.

We always aim to supply the best product at the lowest possible price, making sure everyone is paid a fair wage.

I do believe we are doing right.


Best Regards,

Katy Emblin

Company Director

You can read more about this debate on Modern Consumerist Culture, Its Drawbacks and Benefits by H.S.C. Pereraa and T.S.L.W. Gunawardana



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