Corporate Cummerbunds Bone Joint

The cummerbund

As well as our beautiful bespoke neckwear we also supply bespoke cummerbunds. The cummerbund really isn't the most popular formal tuxedo accessory these days but it has a fascinating history. It's popularity tends to wax and wane like the moon, in today's fashion climate. So why is it steadfast for proper Black Tie ensembles and why does its popularity change? Lets have a look at the cummerbunds history, function and why they are important for Black Tie formal looks. The History The cummerbund fashion originated in Persia and was adopted as dining wear for British military personnel in colonial India.  Indian communities often wore sashes around their waist called kamarbands, kamar translating as ‘waist’. At formal dinners, the British army wore waistcoats under their jackets. But due to the intense heat in India being severely different to the climate in Britain, the British realised their attire was not suitable in this climate and needed to find a cooler dining uniform.…