FFP2 Face mask information

Pricing and Consumerism

Dear all, Today we received a message from a gentleman showing his concerns about the price of the FFP2 Face Masks we supply on our website. As Company Director, I would like to delve into this discussion to assure you our pricing is fair and considered. As a community are all finding ourselves reflecting what are possibilities of the future ahead of us.  Where are we going? What can we do? Today as a nation, we are keeping within the rules that came to support our lifestyle since second world war. The world we know is from the freedom we (our parents and grandparents) fought for and the start of high consumerism. People have come to forget the value of everything they have and own. Many still want to see the prices at what they feel they should pay for, and not what it has taken to be made. Here is the process of how our ties are made: The cloth is woven by highly advanced machinery which have maintenance and production personnel costs; The yarns for the cloth are produced…