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How to tie… a Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot is known as the Shelby Knot and the Pratt-Shelby. It was invented by Jerry Pratt in the late 1950s and popularized as the Shelby Knot; after Pratt taught it to a television reporter, Don Shelby, who felt his tie was unkempt and poorly tied.  The Knot is a variation to the Nicky Knot as it is notably tied inside out. This knot was considered revelatory in its time. However, the knot was only recorded in the late eighties in the tie industry’s standard reference guide, despite its popularization since the ’50s.  The Pratt Knot is unusual as it’s starting position is reverse side out. The Knot uses less material than the Half-Windsor and Windsor knot, so it is well suited to a shorter tie or the wearer being a tall individual. The Pratt method produces a symmetrical knot and is of medium size, somewhere between the Four in Hand and the Windsor. It is the perfect knot to wear for business casual or social events. Pair this knot with a Narrow point collar or…
The Windsor Knot

How to tie… a Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is often thought to be named after King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor). However it is a popular belief that it was in fact created by his father, George V. The Duke was known to have his ties specially made with thicker cloth, in order to produce a wider knot when tied with the conventional four-in-hand. Step forward the Windsor Knot which was invented to rival the Duke's wide knot method but with thinner material. The Windsor knot is well suited to a spread or cutaway collar that can accommodate the large knot. In order to wear this knot correctly, the Windsor Knot should be around 4cm longer than a conventional tie. This method of tie knot is the only one to be used by all members of the Royal Air Force and Royal Air Force Cadets. The knot is known to be comfortable and secure to wear which will hold the tie firmly in place. We would recommend that a strong face, so those who have a beard or strong jawline will best compliment this style. Howcast shows us on this…
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The Winsor Tie Co. launches new website

The Winsor Tie. Co have a spring in their step with a fresh new website launch   Katy K S Emblin of The Winsor Tie Company has announced the launch of Winsor Tie’s new website. Having been in development for the past six months, the arrival of the new site highlights the company's core values, Exclusivity, Integrity, Tradition & Heritage.  With a new sophisticated user experience, the new site allows the user to navigate their journey through an array of product styles. This is important, in order for the user to discover the ‘perfect tie’ for their company, club or society. The user can now, as a result, discover detailed information about processes, materials and aftercare, quickly and efficiently. Departing from the format of endless menus, the new site ensures the user's journey is smooth. With clear navigation, the information sought by users is easily assessable. Now the users can view galleries of previous work undertaken by the company and be rest assured…