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The cummerbund

As well as our beautiful bespoke neckwear we also supply bespoke cummerbunds. The cummerbund really isn’t the most popular formal tuxedo accessory these days but it has a fascinating history. It’s popularity tends to wax and wane like the moon, in today’s fashion climate. So why is it steadfast for proper Black Tie ensembles and […]


Pricing and Consumerism

Dear all, Today we received a message from a gentleman showing his concerns about the price of the FFP2 Face Masks we supply on our website. As Company Director, I would like to delve into this discussion to assure you our pricing is fair and considered. As a community are all finding ourselves reflecting what […]

Christmas gifts from the heart

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, question is, have you managed to get all the presents under the tree? This Christmas is the perfect time of the year to show how much you care. Whether you give a little or a lot we, at The Winsor Tie Co have carefully curated the perfect […]

How to tie…A Nicky Knot

The name allegedly came from Nikita Khruschev’s (A Soviet statesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War) visit to Milan, where quick ­tying “inside out” knots were frequently used in displays and tailors’ windows. This knot uses a moderately small amount of length. This makes it a great option for tall […]

How to tie… a Pratt Knot

The Pratt Knot is known as the Shelby Knot and the Pratt-Shelby. It was invented by Jerry Pratt in the late 1950s and popularized as the Shelby Knot; after Pratt taught it to a television reporter, Don Shelby, who felt his tie was unkempt and poorly tied.  The Knot is a variation to the Nicky […]

How to tie… a Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is often thought to be named after King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor). However it is a popular belief that it was in fact created by his father, George V. The Duke was known to have his ties specially made with thicker cloth, in order to produce a wider knot when tied […]


Fathers Day Gift ideas to suit any Dad

FIND SOMETHING TO SUIT YOUR DAD THIS FATHERS DAY It’s nearly time to celebrate with the special dad in your life this Father’s Day. In case you have forgotten, Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 16th June. It’s the day you make sure to celebrate the main men in your life for all the things […]


The Winsor Tie Co. launches new website

The Winsor Tie. Co have a spring in their step with a fresh new website launch   Katy K S Emblin of The Winsor Tie Company has announced the launch of Winsor Tie’s new website. Having been in development for the past six months, the arrival of the new site highlights the company’s core values, […]